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Are you looking for a home for your license? Consider the following and give us a call.

At CITY ST REALTY, you will be an independent commission salesperson. That means you will
• run your own business under the flag of CITY ST REALTY.
• comply with all the rules and regulations of the NSAR and the NSREC.
• have the full support of an experienced and reliable broker, licensed since 1988.
• have your own HST number and keep your own books.
• set your commission rates and be in control of the listings you take.
• do all your own advertising and, as such, reap the benefits of any business your advertising creates.
• have your own signs printed with only your contact number(s). This has the dual benefit of all calls going directly to you, the listing salesperson, who has the best knowledge to sell that property (a large plus for your clients), and all business generated by the listing going to you, the listing salesperson (a large plus for you).
• have the assurance that any calls that come to the office are redirected to you, the listing salesperson.
• not be required to put in “duty time” at an office.
• have the option to customize your office to your own style (e.g. home, storefront).
• enjoy the additional tax benefits of filing your own HST portion of your expenses and claiming more tax write-offs as a self employed individual.
• need to be self-motivated and capable of setting up and managing your own business.
• need a computer, internet access, and a cell phone.

At CITY ST REALTY, we will
• maintain files on your transactions to comply with the NSREC regulations. As a self employed salesperson, you will need to keep a full file for your own records as well.
• maintain an administrator to monitor your files, making sure all forms are submitted to us as required. The broker will review all forms and communication for accuracy and compliance to industry standards.
• maintain a trust account to manage the deposits for your transactions.
• bill for your transactions and disburse funds, typically within 24 hours of receipt of those funds. There are no holds on our accounts with our bank, so your funds are yours to cash as soon as you get them.
• provide a sales record sheet detailing your transaction and funds you make with each commission cheque.
• not provide a year-end statement. It is up to you as an independent commission salesperson to track income and expenses and create your own income and expense statement for income tax purposes.
• not deduct for income tax, CPP, UI, or any other employer deductions.
• have NSREC approved signs with the City St Realty logo available for you for purchase. Space is provided on the signs for you to apply your own name and phone number stickers. You may choose to have your own signs made by a printer of your choice. They will have to comply with the NSREC rules regarding adverting and trademarks. Typically, they will have to have the brokerage logo prominently displayed.

As a salesperson at City St Realty, your commission split will be

85% + HST to the salesperson
15% + HST to the brokerage

This is regardless of whether you represent the listing or the selling end of the transaction.

Commissions are disbursed upon receipt of funds in to City St Realty.

There are no hidden fees. You are responsible for all your licensing, NSAR, and NSREC fees. You will need to set up a credit card automatic payment plan with NSAR for your MLS® fees. There are no franchise fees, no City St Realty “National” fees, no company advertising fees, nothing that you don’t spend on your own.

Recruitment Bonus Plan If you recruit salespeople to join City St Realty, you will get an ongoing bonus of 2.5% of the commission they bring into the office. That stays in effect for as long as you and that salesperson remain with City St Realty. Recruitment need be nothing more then get them to give me a call. I will meet with them and discuss City St to see if it is a fit for them. They need do nothing more than mention your name and/or you can introduce them to me to qualify for the bonus. It is unlimited, bring in 10 salespeople, and you get 2.5% of each of those salespersons' commissions. It is not a pyramid program. A salesperson only receives a bonus on the commission of a salesperson he/she directly introduces to City St Realty, so it won’t spill over to any salespeople the salesperson you brought in brings in but the salesperson you brought in will get 2.5% of the commission of the salesperson they bring in.

Bonuses will be paid immediately upon closing and when commissions are disbursed. The bonus will attract HST and as such HST will be remitted with each disbursement.

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